Monday, April 19, 2010

Food in a Rush...

Eating Paleo is simple. Meaning not hard to understand...meat, veggies, some fruit, some nuts and seeds, healthy fat. However, eating Paleo isn't always easy. Meaning not convenient and fast....unless prepared!!!
That is the key word to eat right and be successful at it..."prepared". If you have meat already cooked in the fridge, veggies already cut up and ready to grab, healthy snacks that are at the tip of your fingers, then you'll be fine. It's when we're so busy (or lazy) and don't make it to the store or don't have time to cook or have "junk" in the house that we start to fall off the wagon.

With that said, even then it's not always easy. Sometimes life throws us curveballs and we have to be ready for them. I know that I've been guilty of going long and hard all morning and realizing that I am starving and if I don't eat in the next 5 minutes I might bite someone's head off and so I go for a less healthy a "protein bar" or something like that at the convenient store. By the way, those are pretty much candy's all marketing.

I have learned it's crucial to always have a snack ready. I usually keep a little bag of my own homemade trail mix and some jerky in my truck. That way, when the urge hits, I grab that rather than sugar filled garbage.

Below are some easy things to keep with you to prevent bad food choices when you're in a rush.

1- Trail Mix - Raw Walnuts, Raw Macadamia Nuts, Dried Berries (no sugar added)...maybe a few dark chocolate pieces...but it's getting warm so they will probably melt in your car now.
2- Jerky - grass fed beef...cut into 1 inch wide and 1/8 in thick strips. Season to taste (no salt). Bake at 140-150 degrees in oven with door propped open from 4-12 hours. Cook until meat is jerky like.
3- I came across this site through CrossFit NorCal. This lets you make your own bars. Make sure to go with Whey Protein and honey for your ingredients when given those options.
4- If you have a cooler to keep things in, go with fresh veggies and berries, lean meat, and an avocado. eat healthy food in a PREPARED! Please if feel free to comment with your own favorite on-the-go recipes as never hurts to have as many as possible!

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