Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Resolution Time

Tis the season to make changes. This is a time when many of us reflect on our last year and think about what we can do to make make some improvements in our life. It goes without saying that in our country the most common type of New Year's Resolution is health/fitness related.

Now with that said, how many of us actually reach these goals? How many years have you had the same goal? "Get in better shape." "Lose 10..15..20 pounds." "Run a half marathon." "Eat healthier." Let's make December 2010 the year you look back at and can see that you actually achieved your goals.

There are a few simple, but crucial, steps to take that can help you reach your health and fitness goals this year.

1- Define your Goal: actually give numbers. (ie: lose 20 lbs. by April 1st...or take 5 minutes off my race time...or do 15 pushups from my feet.)
2- Make a Plan: map out the small goals you need to reach to accomplish that ultimate goal
3- Get Accountability: include other people in your goals so that you can have support and people to keep you in check (ie: family, friends, coworkers, a personal trainer).

These three small steps will undoubtably help you. You have to remember that this is YOUR New Year's Resolution. Only if YOU are truly committed and if YOU are ready to go for it, will YOU succeed.

I am here to help you. Check out and let me, Jenny LaBaw, help you reach your goals through workout and nutrition coaching and guidance.

Commit to be fit!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Spirit

Tis the season for sharing and caring. This was more than evident last night...

Around 4:00pm, Marcus and I started our trek in Boogie (his sprinter van) up to Aspen, CO to Lance Armstrong's book signing. We were both pretty stoked all through the 1.5 hour drive to get the chance to meet Lance. Yes, it goes without saying that he is a phenomenal endurance athlete...but we were amped to meet a man who has changed so many lives, who has helped so many people. Marcus and I have both been effected by family and friends who've had to fight cancer, so this night was touching close to our hearts.

We drove past the book store in search of a parking spot when I saw a line out the door I said, "Oh great, a long line". But I had no idea. We parked Boogie by a snow bank and headed toward the just kept wrapping all around the building. Close to the rear of the line, we had a friend call our names. Laura Patterson was there, waiting patiently like everyone else, clutching to her chest a book to be signed. As we were chatting with her I realized that almost everyone had his new book. Marcus mentioned to Laura that we were going to just buy one inside. With a look of sadness on her face she said they were all sold out and there were no other book stores in town. So, we just stayed in line with Laura chatting and hoping to just get to see Lance and maybe shake his hand. Throughout our conversation, Laura mentioned she has a friend who care takes for Lance and would probably be able to get us a signed copy at some point.

The line moved fairly quickly. As we got in the door, Laura waved at a friend across the counter, who just happened to be Lance's caretaker. She was holding two copies of the book. Marcus explained our dilemma (not asking for a book at all, just telling her the story that we were bummed and that we wanted to get this book signed for a friend). Marcus kept moving with the line but as we passed the woman, she said to me "I'm supposed to give this to you, aren't I." I said, "Oh, no don't feel like you have to do that". She apparently had one of the books she was getting signed for her brother. Long story short...she said, "No take this. Hurry get up there, or you'll miss him". So...I ran up and handed the book to Marcus just in time for Lance to sign it and for Marcus to explain how honored he was to meet him and thank him for all he does with LiveStrong.

Before we left, we went back into the bookstore to thank Rene, the care taker, for giving up her book and asked if we could pay her. Her response, "No, just donate to LiveStrong". We left last night humbled, gracious, and speechless. What an amazing thing she did for us. Thank you Rene!

Do something today to Pay it Forward!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Better Time Than NOW!!!

Marcus and Ziggy playing in the snow during a snow shoe hike. Get out with your family and do something active this holiday season!!!

Thanksgiving is over...left over turkey is almost's time to get serious again!

It's day 2 into the week after Thanksgiving. The countdown to Christmas is only 24 days away. That means you have 24 days to get back in the groove and make a habit of an active healthy lifestyle before the next holiday hits. If you're in the habit of it now, you're more likely to stick with it during the holidays.

First step in getting going again...just do it. Lay out a plan for the week. If you don't have a trainer or program you're following start with this.

Mon: 30 min Cardio day (run, bike, row, walk, hike, cross country ski, gym equipment)
Tue: 30 min weight training circuit or group class
Wed: 30 min Cardio day
Thu: 30 min weight training circuit or group class
Sat: Fun day - go do something fun and ACTIVE with your family and friends (ski, hike, etc)
Sun: Fun day - " " " " "

If you want something more specific and more directed toward you individually, check out and sign up for online personal training with me. You will have no regrets. I promise!!!

There's no reason to wait for a New Year's Resolution. Just do it now!