Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Better Time Than NOW!!!

Marcus and Ziggy playing in the snow during a snow shoe hike. Get out with your family and do something active this holiday season!!!

Thanksgiving is over...left over turkey is almost gone...it's time to get serious again!

It's day 2 into the week after Thanksgiving. The countdown to Christmas is only 24 days away. That means you have 24 days to get back in the groove and make a habit of an active healthy lifestyle before the next holiday hits. If you're in the habit of it now, you're more likely to stick with it during the holidays.

First step in getting going again...just do it. Lay out a plan for the week. If you don't have a trainer or program you're following start with this.

Mon: 30 min Cardio day (run, bike, row, walk, hike, cross country ski, gym equipment)
Tue: 30 min weight training circuit or group class
Wed: 30 min Cardio day
Thu: 30 min weight training circuit or group class
Sat: Fun day - go do something fun and ACTIVE with your family and friends (ski, hike, etc)
Sun: Fun day - " " " " "

If you want something more specific and more directed toward you individually, check out www.afitplace.com and sign up for online personal training with me. You will have no regrets. I promise!!!

There's no reason to wait for a New Year's Resolution. Just do it now!

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