Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Health Horrors

Our society revolves our lives around food. Lunch meetings for work, dinner dates with clients, birthday dinners, treats for comforting, etc.... Why don't we revolve our lives around healthy things. Walking meeting with clients, birthday hikes, massages for comforting, etc....

That is everyday life. Now even worse, the holiday's are coming. I don't mean that the holiday's are bad...don't get me wrong! I mean that we are surrounded by temptations around the holidays. Cookies, candy, pies...they're always in our face. It's your job to say no. It's really not that hard...here are a few steps to help out.

Know when you go out into public, whether it's the bank or the office, you're going to offered some sort of treat around the holiday season. Expect this to happen, recognize it and resist it.

Without a doubt you are going to be offered junk in the next month or so. It's easy, just say "no thank you." The more you say "no" the easier it gets and the better you feel about your decisions.

When going to parties, bring a dish that you know you can eat. Typically there are some sort of salads and meat at get togethers...but then there are tons of goodies too. Bring a goodie that you can feel good about eating. One good choice is fresh fruit (even indulge a bit and dip it in melted dark chocolate).

Your friends and family are the worst at pushing junk on you (well at least that's how it works in my circle). So, be ready to explain (not defend) your choices to them. Explain why you're avoiding the junk, explain that it's your choice and you would like their support, explain that you are trying to be healthy and you feel great about it.

I am not telling you that you can't have one piece of junk this holiday season...if I were to tell you that I would be a hypocrite. Just make sure you indulge intelligently. Know that if you eat something bad every day it will not be benefitting you. But know that cheating a little will not ruin you either. If you know you're going to a party on Thursday then make sure to eat really good the rest of the week.

Make this one of your healthiest holiday season yet! Most people gain weight in the next month or so...imagine telling your family and friends that you continued to reach your goals despite the horrors of the holidays! It's not that hard, you just have to commit to it!

Happy Holidays!

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