Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Support Group

My workout girls in New Castle, CO. These women rock!

We all know that eating right, exercising and being disciplined to do it consistently isn't an easy task. But, often times we make it harder than it needs to be. A big part of that is our surroundings.

Sure we've all heard tips to success like keep the junk food out of the house, put motivating pictures/sayings on your mirror or in your car, or to set out your workout clothes the night before. Those are all proven helpful hints and strategies, but there's still a HUGE part we have to face....our support group.

Peer/family pressure is tough and in many cases the easiest to give into. Going out to dinner and the group orders a big plate of nachos for an appetizer. Can you say no? When you're headed to the gym, your friends "encourage" you not to go and instead hit up a movie with popcorn and a soda. Can you say no? Your spouse complains because you are going for a walk rather than sitting and watching TV. Can you invite him/her?...will they join?

Marcus (my boyfriend and part of my support group) and I after climbing Mt. Lassen in Northern California

It's crucial to your success that you communicate what your goals are with your friends/family and that you need/want their support and help. Hopefully they will have your back, but if not then they are a deterrent to your achievements. I am not saying give up on these people and exclude them from your lives...I am saying make sure that you are not letting them take you down. When you continually say "no" to their unhealthy suggestions, they will eventually get the point and who knows, they may actually participate in the healthier lifestyle too.

We all have good intentions to reach our goals, otherwise we wouldn't make them. Let's make it easier on ourselves though and surround ourselves with people that support us and encourage us.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2010!

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  1. Every time I see you I am inspired! Happy New Year--hope it's blessed with health, adventures and happiness.