Monday, October 4, 2010

How Far Can 1 Chicken Go?

This isn’t some chicken joke…no punch line here. I literally mean, how far can one chicken go…by eating it.

My boyfriend travels a lot, so I spend much of my time eating on my own and due to a crazy busy schedule, need meals that are easy on the go. Since it’s just me in the house, I don’t want to have a bunch of leftovers of the same meal either…gets boring! So, this week I experimented with how far one chicken will go.

Using a crock-pot has saved my life in my busy schedule. It’s simple to just set the food in the pot, go about your day and not worry about having to monitor it. So, on Tuesday that’s just what I did. Cooking a whole chicken in a crock-pot is so easy…

- Lightly coat with olive oil or coconut oil and then season to taste. I put oregano, fresh basil, and minced garlic on mine. Pull the skin back over the breast and rub the herbs on directly on the meat to get a bit more flavor. Then just put in the crock-pot (breast side up) on low for 4-5 hours (or until cooked thoroughly).

Here is a play by play of the meals I created with this juicy crock-pot cooked chicken to make it through my week.

Dinner Day 1

Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, and ½ Sweet Potato

Right out of the crock pot, I had a few slices of chicken with steamed broccoli and ½ boiled sweet potato. For a little flavor I drizzled some olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice on my broccoli and sprinkled a little cinnamon on my sweet potato slices.

After the chicken cooled I carved it up and stuck it in the fridge for the weeks’ meals. Here’s what I came up with.

Lunch Day 2

Chicken Salad (vary the ingredients to what veggies you want)

Romaine Lettuce

Cherry tomatoes



Added Chicken and topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Dinner Day 2

Leftovers from Day 1 Dinner

Lunch Day 3

Cabbage Wraps

2 leafs of red cabbage

½ avocado

½ small yellow bell pepper

cherry tomatoes


romaine lettuce


Spread mashed avocado in bottom of cabbage leafs, add in fresh veggies and chicken mixed together to fill wraps and eat like a taco. SO GOOD!

Dinner Day 3

Had a late lunch so didn’t eat dinner this night.

Lunch Day 4

Chicken and Fresh Veggies

On the go and nothing prepped so I just grabbed a chicken leg, fresh okra and baby peppers.

Dinner Day 4

Chicken Fajitas

2 small bell peppers

½ large red onion


olive oil

½ avocado

lemon juice

black pepper, red pepper, garlic powder, cumin

Saute onions and peppers, add chicken and season to taste. I also whipped up a quick, simple guacamole recipe. Mash up avocado, splash in lemon juice and season with black pepper to taste.

Lunch Day 5

Leftovers fajitas with ½ avocado and 2 chicken wings

So, to answer the question…for a SINGLE person, a whole chicken will go for about 4-5 days, give or take a few.

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