Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Staying Active on Vacation

Ok...so this time I am really back to blogging on a regular basis....

As most of you know, my summers consist of traveling for 4 months in a big red Peterbilt motorhome, living out of a suitcase, and never knowing what my surroundings are going to be. This makes keeping a regular exercise routine difficult. However, I am very lucky to have a big garage in the motorhome where I have my workout equipment easily accessible. Now, on most vacation your "home" gym doesn't travel with you. Don't let this be an excuse to be lazy though...

The last week and a half we we've been on traveling on vacation and I was still able to have some of my toughest workouts in a while. From Friday the 16th through Friday the 23rd, we were at Lake Powell living on a houseboat. When it would have been easy to lay around on the boat, eating goodies and relaxing, I chose to take advantage of the amazing sandstone dessert for beautiful runs and hikes along the cliff walls of Lake Powell. Marcus and I collected rocks and logs to use as weights for strength training, which resulted in a really tough workout.

After Powell, the plan was to jet to our winter housesitting abode in Silt, CO, but instead we took a couple detours to again take advantage of beautiful country. On Saturday we headed to Moab, UT to get some crazy slickrock riding in. We road the Moab Rim trail...this is nuts!!! The trail starts out gaining 1000 ft elevation in less than a mile. Needless to say I didn't "ride" it all up, but it was a sick ride!

After Moab, we diverted down to Telluride, CO with the intention of getting in more mountain bike riding. However, we woke up to snow covered streets...the first snow of the year in town! This place is amazing! We spent the morning walking around town and then hit the road north toward Silt.

Kind of drained and ready to sleep in a real bed, we wanted to get home...but we couldn't help but be motivated to ride again, but this time on the Book Cliffs near Palisade, CO. We did some research, talked to some locals and found the trail head. Again, a TOUGH climb in the beginning, but we made it and the top of the cliffs were epic riding that day.

So, moral of today's blog....you can ALWAYS find a place to be active, no matter where you're at. It usually ends up being a great break from the health club or gym too. Where there's a will there's a way. You won't regret being active! :)

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