Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First snow fall

It's been snowing since last night and it's DUMPING!!! I don't know when the last time Silt, CO got this much snow in October...this is great!!!

If you're like me and like the snow, then it probably means you like to play in it. Winter sports are a great way to keep off the winter "hibernation" pounds and the winter holiday pounds. With that said, you can't forget to still do your routines. Just like summer activities, they are sport specific which means that some muscles get left out. It's important to keep up your strength routine and stretching routine as to not lose strength (even when that POW is calling your name). "POW" is epic powder for those of you not familiar with ski lingo ;). I have taught ski conditioning classes for several years and am starting another one this coming Tuesday at New Castle Family Fitness in New Castle, CO...if you're near come join us! If you're not close by, then let's get you going on a program through my online training (

To catch you up on my own training...
Being close to sea level for the last year has made altitude training a bit harder than I ever remember. Living at mile high elevation most of my life, this has never been an issue for me. But the last 3 days that I've been home I've been suckin' wind a bit! :) It feels good though.
6 miles Steady State (slightly hilly route)
Pushups + Alt Row - 10# each
Lunges + Cross Over Head Raise - 20#
Step Ups (15 ea leg)
Thrusters - 55#
Ball Back Extensions
Elliptical Sprint level 10 x 1 min

10 min WU, sprint/arms only/legs only/backwards/recover 1 min each x 4
30 min - How many rounds? = 6+ 6 Side Kick Punch
BOSU Jacknife
BOSU Superman
BOSU V-ups
Side Kick Punch
Torso Rotations - 20#
BOSU Power Jumps
Sprint 200m

30 min steady state level 8
Walk Dogs
1.5 mile loop
Split Lunge (10 ea leg)
Med. Ball Pushup
Jump Squats
Single Leg BOSU Stand + Front and Lateral Arm Raise (10x10# ea way)
Skaters (10 ea leg)
Grip Med. Ball Hang Clean (10x20# ea arm)

Until tomorrow....get out and do something extra tonight...go for a walk/run/hike!

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