Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back on track...

*Picture to the left: Ziggy (my dog) hauling butt on one of our hikes in Northern Washington near Mount Baker. Pretty cool shot with her body blurred but it's focused on her head.

Okay, okay, okay...I really am back this time. Just when I thought my life was getting under control, we were on our trip north (British Columbia, Washington, Oregon) and I was busier than expected. Not to mention we were out of service area for a lot of the trip, so keeping you all posted was impossible. But...I'm back!

With a full week of travel, clinics, and more travel...I still managed to get rides, runs and workouts in. Unfortunately I wasn't diligent in recording them so I don't have anything specific to report to you all. But something I want to relay to you is that it's always good to ask where to go for a walk/ride/run when you're somewhere unfamiliar. Ask the host at the front desk of the hotel, go to an outdoors store and ask the clerk, or ask the locals. We found some really cool rides and I found a great park to go running, just by asking.

It was really hard to eat right though with living out of a van without a way to keep food fresh except a mini cooler with ice that melted FAST and a one-burner mini camp stove...but we did it. Going out to eat I just focused on lots of veggies and lean meat like I do when I am cooking on my own. You have to take into consideration the way that food is prepared in restaurants though...typically the meat is a bit fattier and the produce quality isn't as high. So, preparing meals yourself is best. We also hit up the grocery store frequently for meals. It's cheaper and it's better for you. The deli at Safeway is actually pretty decent.

We've been back for two days now and this is what I've done.
Saturday 9/26/09
Mtn Bike Upper Bidwell Park in Chico: North Rim to B-Trail to Middle Trail

It starts with a steady ROCKY climb up North Rim, B-Trail is technical switch backs downhill (I walked a lot of it), then home on Middle Trail is moderate ups and downs. It was a great ride!!! We did it in the heat of the day - about 96 degrees!!!

Sunday 9/27/09
Today I got up early and headed into Chico. I had a great morning Road Ride.
1-mile up Honey Run down Neal Road and back through Chico to 1 mile. A much needed deep stretch followed the ride!

Starting tomorrow (Monday), I will be back on track with scheduled workouts!! I can't wait!

Until tomorrow...

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