Tuesday, September 29, 2009

*The above picture is of 1-mile recreation area in Chico, CA. I usually start my rides/runs from here and take a dip in the "pool" too cool off when I'm done. Often times I do my weight training here in the park too.

Monday 9/28/09
Road Ride in Chico - 1 mile to Keefer Loop (1:03:27)
My legs were pooped from that last two days of hard climbing so I took a flatter route.
Resistance Training In Park -
Walking Lunges - 5x15 each leg
Pushups - 5x15
Single Leg Squats - 5x15 each leg
Assisted Handstand Pushups - 5x15
High Knees - 5x15 each leg

It was gorgeous outside, so after my ride I decided to do a body weight workout in the park. You can still get a great workout without any equipment. Your body weight is plenty. I was sweating my butt off!!!

Food Intake:
Pre-workout - Banana and Apple
Post-workout - 3 egg omelette with chicken, tomatoes, avocado and shredded zucchini
Lunch - Almonds/Cashews/Cranberries and Pumpkin Spice Latte (oops...)
Snack - Peach
Dinner - 4 oz steak, green salad, steamed carrots, onions and sweet potatoes (only a few)

Overall a good day yesterday. The workout was awesome, the day was beautiful and for the most part my food intake was good. I wasn't prepared around lunch time (obviously) and that led to a poor decision with the latte.

Tuesday 9/29/09
Mountain Bike Ride: Upper Park - Middle trail down and back
Fun single track ride with Marcus. There was a race here last weekend so the trail was tore up and made it much more challenging with lose dirt, lose rock, and new obstacles. Fun ride! Riding in Chico will make you a better rider. This stuff is hard!

After the ride I stretched well.

7:00am - Banana
8:00am - Pre workout: Muscle Milk protein shake with frozen berries
12:00pm - 3 eggs scrambled with chicken sausage, zucchini, mushrooms and topped with salsa and avodaco
1:30pm - Handful raw mixed nuts and 5 pieces of cubed cantaloupe

Today is going great so far except the hour or so between finishing my workout and eating eggs. We we were in town and I didn't plan accordingly to have something ready right after my ride.

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