Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week in the Life of Jenny: Day 4

Last night my sleep was all "whacked" out.  I fell asleep at 11:30 and then woke up at 2, then 3, then 4 (was up to say goodbye to Marcus who left for FL), then 6, then finally got up at 8.  Needless to say, I was a bit tired today.
But, the day was still great!  Sunny and 86 degrees today here in Chico!!!  Trained some people on how to be healthier and get stronger, worked with online training, scheduled a few more clinics for our Face to Face Tour, cleaned bikes, cleaned house, went to the Thursday Night Farmer's Market with the girls, and played with my puppy.  The best part of the day was the hike I took with Ziggy though.

*Sleep: Inconsistent 7 hours

*12:30 Hike: Hike 1 hr. 20 min with Ziggy in Upper Bidwell Park
Legs and body were feeling pretty drained so a nice hike today was just what the doctor ordered.

- Breakfast: 2 Boiled Eggs, Fruit Salad (apples, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, banana)
- Snack: 1 handful almonds and 8 dried apricots 
- Lunch: Baked Chicken Salad (lettuce, carrots, avocado, green bell pepper, mushrooms) topped with Annie's Goddess Dressing
- Snack: 3 celery sticks with hummus (not Paleo...but good! :)
- Dinner: Stir Fry (Turkey Sausage, broccoli, mushrooms, red bell pepper)
- Snack: 1 tbsp of sunflower seeds, 4 dried apricots

Good day today. It's sort of nice to have the house to myself this evening.  But I am thinking of Marcus at the Master's Last Chance Qualifier!
Off to's Friday tomorrow!!!!

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