Friday, May 15, 2009

Week in the Life of Jenny: Day 5

Friday: 5/15/09

It's Friday!!!  Started the day with an amazing run with Ziggy (best running buddy ever) on the south rim of Bidwell Park.  The trail is a HILLY route (felt it in my hamstrings and glutes!)  Came home and did a quick but intense workout in my garage gym.  Awesome start to a great day!
Spent the rest of the morning working on the tour, running errands, and buying tickets to the Michael Franti concert...check him out!  Spent the afternoon and evening at the lake.  Should have been doing work, but with a 93 degree day....the lake seemed like a better idea!
By the way, the pictures above isn't staged.  She really was on the couch with my running shoe.  I told you she is the best running buddy ever...she's ready to go even if I'm not! ;)

*Sleep: 9 hours

*8:30 am Run
Ran "Green Gate" - South Rim Trail to Guardian Trail in Chico, CA
30 minutes out, 26 minutes back. (negative split)

5 x 15
BOSU Pushups
KB Swings
Lunge + Shoulder Press
Bent Over Row
Alternating Superman

*Stretch: 15 min (focus on hamstrings and glutes)

- Pre run: Banana
- Between run and workout: Almond Flour Muffin (homemade: almond flour, egg, banana, cinnamon)
- Post Workout: Omelette (2 eggs, 1/2 turkey sausage, red peppers, mushrooms, broccoli), 3 strawberries.
- Snack: Apple and 2 pieces of watermelon
- Dinner: Turkey burger (no bun) with tomato.  Steamed asparagus, carrots then sauted with onions.
- Handful of almonds
- Water Intake = 95 oz.

It's the weekend!!!!

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