Friday, March 19, 2010

Changing Seasons

Me last fall in Moab, UT on the Moab Rim Trail after the best summer of my life. I was better on the bike than I had ever been. My spring/summer training and nutrition was stellar and it really made the difference.

The snow is melting, the sun is shining, the temperatures are rising....that means time to start the spring/summer activities. For some that means the snow skis, snow shoes, snow boots will be traded in for water skis, bikes, and sandals. For some that means coming out from winter hibernation and venturing into the world of vitamin D.

In both cases, the new movements associated with summer activities compared to winter activities (or lack thereof) means muscle soreness and sucking wind. It's important to start slow into those activities. If weather permits get out on bike, go out on the trails, get a pull behind the boat, etc...but make sure to start slow. Don't expect to start where you ended last summer. Don't expect to tackle April like you ended October. Instead, think of this as preseason where you work back into the fitness levels and sport specific movements of the summer.

I strongly suggest that you get in a strength training routine starting now. Working the muscles to get them stronger now, will make the summer activities much more enjoyable and much more enjoyable. The stronger you are going into the summer, the more you can play vs working to get in shape. At least 3x's a week get a good full body, high intensity, constantly changing strength training routine. Combine that with some high intensity cardio vascular training and you will be stronger going into the summer months than ever in the past. The amount of cardio vs strength training will vary depending on your goals and sport specific activities, but no matter what they are...both are crucial.
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