Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Week in the Life of Jenny: Day 3

Looking up Sunlight Mtn (it really was much sunnier than the picture shows)

WOW...I'm 28 today! I can't believe it!

I was a lucky girl today and got to spend a day doing pretty much whatever I wanted. The day started off with the mistake of not turning my alarm off from yesterday's 4:45a wake up call, but I very quickly shut it off and it took me about .5 second to get back into a deep slumber! :) At 7:45 Ziggy let me know it was time for her breakfast, so I finally rolled out of bed.

I spent the rest of the day having fun. Skied for a few hours at Sunlight Mountain with my mom. Not the best snow for sure, but still great to be out on the mountain on a sunny CO day. Next, we headed to get GREAT salads at local restaurant The Daily Bread (don't judge it by the gluten reference...haha). Red Mountain was the next stop for a hike with Ziggy in the sunshine. She was killin' it sprinting up and down the mountain's snow banks fetching her stick with crazy enthusiasm.

The next part of the day was probably my favorite part. I planned a "birthday workout" for myself. Since it was my 28th birthday, I figured I would do reps of 28 for a lot of different exercises. It was HARD!

Downhill Ski
Warmup + DROM

Workout - x28 ea exercise
Sit Ups
Knee to Elbow
Body Row
Double Unders
Push Press


After the workout, I had to be responsible a bit and get some work done. Then had a nice dinner with my family and that was that. I am 28 and feel just like I did when I was 27 and 364 days....happy, healthy, and ready for what life brings! :)

Breakfast- 2 fried eggs with salsa on top, 1/2 banana, 1/2 clementine
Snack- coffee with coconut milk and agave nectar
Lunch- California Salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, avocado, 1 egg, chicken) with olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon
Snack- (Postworkout)- 3 oz Paleo Meatloaf, apple
Dinner- Left overs (flank steak 2oz, 3 oz paleo meatloaf, salad with olive oil, baby carrots)
Dessert- Gluten Free Birthday Cake...mmmgood! 5 dark chocolate kisses (it's my birthday..give me a break)

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