Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Week in the Life of Jenny: Day 2

Picture taken during walk today with Ziggy
Tuesday - 3/2/10

Typically, Tuesday's for me this winter have been CRAZY days. But, today was a little less insane (client-wise) because this is my last week home before relocating to Truckee, CA.

Early morning wake up call today - 4:45a beep, beep, beep!! A little groggy at first, but then I popped out of bed because I was pumped for Ski Conditioning. I've been training this group of women pretty much since my second year as a personal trainer, so I know they can work hard and that's what we do! Lots of lunge, squatting, stepping, jumping... so fun! After killin' our legs in class, I stuck around the gym at jumped on the treadmill. I can't remember the last time I was on a treadmill, but today I just felt like running. 7.5 miles later I decided to get off...I just kept running and running (just call me Forest Gump). It felt great to just go run. Now that the weather is starting warm and ice is melting, soon I'll be crusin' outside.

I headed to the local cafe for breakfast after the workout before getting in the dentist chair for my bi annual cleaning. I've decided getting my teeth cleaned is one of my favorite things to do. 11:30 I headed to the other gym where I teach another Ski Conditioning Class (the same workout) with another group of people. My legs are shot!!!! The plan was to head to play soccer tonight, but my quads are suggesting I give 'em a break so they can do their job and carry me tomorrow.

The rest of the day was spent picking away at my laptop keyboard responding to training emails, working on the website, booking rental cars to head to Truckee and marketing. I did manage to take Ziggy for a long walk and in the process lose 2 tennis balls, chase 6 other dogs and get really really muddy! Well, I didn't chase the dogs or get really muddy, but Ziggy manage to succeed at both of those enough for each of us!

The rest of the night is designated to chillin with the fam, watching American Idol (yes I am an addict) and gettin some zzz's.

Great day today!

Ski Conditioning 1
Warmup + DROM
3x10 - Front lunges, back lunges, side lunges (R and L), split lunges, pushups, supermans
3x10 - Squats, overhead squats, single leg squats (R and L), single leg jump squats (R and L), dips, thrusters
3x10 - Jacknife, mtn. climbers, torso rotations, burpees, leg throw
*Between each set of exercises - 1 min ea (jump rope, high knees, 180* jump turns, lateral hops, quickfeet, box jumps)

Warmup 1 mile
Cooldown .5 mile

Ski Conditioning 2
Same workout as above + 5x50 yrd sprints

Preworkout - Lara Bar
Post Workout - 3 egg omelet with fresh veggies + blueberries, strawberries, banana slices
Snack - Handful of walnuts
Lunch - Fajita Salad: greens with tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers topped with sauteed chicken, peppers and onions
Snack - Handful of walnuts and 2 piece of dark chocolate (oops!)
Dinner - Flank Steak with onions and green salad with mixed veggies topped with olive oil

Water Intake = 120 oz.

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