Friday, March 5, 2010

A Week in the Life of Jenny: Day 5

Friday - 3/5/10

There's something about getting outside and being active that makes every day okay, no matter what else happens/happened. Today was one of those days!
I woke up early, got a bunch of work done and then headed up to Sunlight Mountain to skin up. For those of you that don't know what "skinning" is, it is basically a material that you stick to the bottom of your ski (it is shaped like the ski) and then are able to climb up hills without sliding backwards. When you get to the top, you tear off the skins, pack them away and rip down the mountain.
When I started the climb it was lightly snowing, but about 10 minutes in, it was comin down hard! It stayed like that all the way to the top. Just as I was packing my skins away the clouds parted and the sun come shining through. It was beautiful! I stood there for a moment just taking it all in...the surrounding valleys, the tall mountain peaks, the snow covered trees, this place is amazing! I am so lucky to have been raised here. After that, I took off down the mountain in the newly powdered crust. It was a bit "chunky" coming down, but it was still great. Good enough that I took the lift up one time just to have one more fun run before heading back to work.
That was the highlight of my day. The rest is, grocery store, and then watched The Time Travelers Wife (a surprisingly good movie). Now off to bed...

Climb Sunlight Mountain (about 1800 vertical) in 47 minutes
Ski 2 runs

Breakfast - 2 fried eggs topped with last nights eggplant stuffings + apple
Snack - Banana
Lunch - Chicken Curry with raisins + 1/4 avocado
Snack - Handful almonds, cranberries, cashews + 1 cup coffee
Dinner - Grilled Chicken breast, mixed veggie salad topped with olive oil, 1/2 baked yam
Snack - 1 square of 75% dark chocolate (during movie)

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