Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trainer's Day - Day 4

Being a trainer, I often work when other's don't so that clients can get workouts in before or after work. Getting up at 5am everyday isn't ideal for my health due to lack of sleep and waking up when it's still dark. But late last night I had my morning clients call and cancel (both my 5:30am and 6:45am clients) I got to sleep in!! I feel like a whole new person today with 8.5 hours of sleep under my belt compared to my average 6.5 hours the last few months. I mentioned in a earlier post, the importance of sleep and am a bit hypocritical due to having to adjust my schedule to fit other's. Today was a bit of an eye opener though, I seriously feel like I could take on the world today with having adequate rest under my belt.

So, after waking up at 7am, I hit headed for an interval workout on my spin bike (my road bike is out of commission right now).
Warmup 10 min
30 sec on/30 sec active recovery of sprint/heavy resistance/standing/standing sprint/jumps x 5 rounds
Cooldown 5 min + Stretch

It felt great to get some sprinting action in without having to pound on the ground running. A bit of a break for the legs.

After my spin, I trained a few clients and then came home to breakfast made by my boyfriend (nice surprise!)

Egg Scramble with chicken sausage, lots of veggies and topped with avocado and salsa. I seriously don't know that I will ever get sick of this breakfast! ;)

After breakfast I did some computer work and then walked downtown to Peet's coffee for a change of scenery. I accompanied my cup of decaf coffee with a lara bar and hammered out more computer work for an hour or so before lake time.

For those of you that don't boyfriend, Marcus, is a professional waterskier so we spend quite a bit of time at his parents' house on the lake so he can train. I am able to do my online work, programming, and enjoy some R&R out there. Not bad to call the dock your "office" a few days a week! :) I skied a set again today and let's just say it wasn't as good as Tuesday, but hey, I got out and had fun! Today I also took advantage of the time at the lake to BBQ a bunch of meat. 6 chicken breasts, 1/2 turkey breast, and 4 big steaks. We are set for meat for the weekend!

We drove home from the lake, ate dinner (steak, chicken, fried okra) and I jumped in my truck and headed out to teach class.
The best part of today came tonight...we headed to a local theater, the El Rey, to a Ryan Bingham concert. These guys are phenomenal! He wrote a bunch of the music for the movie Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges and is performing with country music legend Willy Nelsen in Bend, OR tomorrow night and Eugene, OR Saturday night. It's a late night and going to be an early morning, but was definitely worth it! :)

BF - Egg Scramble with avocado
S- Decaf coffee and cashew cookie lara bar (ingredients are cashews and dates). As far as bars go, these are about the only ones I really allow in my diet because they are simple, whole ingredients and grain/dairy/soy free. They are still a bit high in sugar, but better than most bars.
L- Chicken Breast, handful red grapes, 3 cherry tomatoes, handful Trek Mex
D- 2 oz Chicken Breast, 3 oz steak, 5 fried okra (fry in pan with olive oil and season with garlic powder and just a touch of sea salt).
S- Handful of mixed nuts, clementine

*Food intake wasn't the best today...but still paleo.

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